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AEP Polymers is an innovation based company located in Northern Italy that develops new polymers and formulations starting from bio-based raw materials (purified natural oils or molecular building blocks from fermentation/biorefinery processes).

AEP Polymers focuses on applied R&D in the field of industrial polymers and intelligent formulations from non-edible biomasses, from algae and fish oils to bio-aromatics, like Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) and lignin. Their peculiar chemical structures are a perfect starting point to pursue innovative chemical routes and deliver performing materials for demanding industrial applications in composites, polyurethanes, coatings and adhesives.

The company was born in 2013 from the idea of 4 researchers in the biopolymers field and the financial backup of a Luxembourg-based investor. AEP focuses mainly on applied research, bespoke formulation and process troubleshooting, scale-up and industrialization of the new developed polymers and formulations.

AEP also performs preliminary market evaluation and market penetration analysis to identify the key properties that the new materials should exhibit and the best angle to generate customer interest/acceptance. AEP does not perform direct production above the lab-scale but teams up with industrial partners that follow the scale-up, logistics and commercialization aspects.

A4F is a biotechnology company, located in Portugal, with more than 20 years of accumulated experience in microalgae Research & Development and microalgae production (up to industrial scale). A4F is specialized in the design, build, operation and transfer (DBOT) of commercial-scale microalgae production units, using different technologies that better adapt to our Customers' business.

Complementing our long experience, A4F distinguishes itself through its methodology which includes sealing-up from prototypes in our Experimental Unit in Lisbon to large-scale facilities. Additionally, A4F also develops standard operating procedures for optimized microalgae production, according to production goals and with industry best practices.

A4F has a very close relationship with the leading research groups in national and international universities and institutes in microalgae biotechnology (and related R&D fields), as well as with the largest microalgae producers worldwide. This international networking positions A4F as the first choice for any large-scale contract as the best specialist company in most aspects of microalgae production.

A4F is associated with an innovative project, the first dedicated multi-process and multi-product microalgae biorefinery plant worldwide, that aims to achieve a sustainable and economically viable solution for the production of proteins and other high value products from microalgae biomass.


Association (regional, national, European)
Agriculture and Agri-food

The ARDITEC Association aims to promote sustainable development, protect our environmental and cultural heritage, and enhance social responsibility. This is achieved by supporting members and partners to implement programmes that protect the needs of future generations. ARDITEC is short for Association pour la Recherche et le Développement d’Innovations et de Technologies pour la protection de l’héritage Environnemental, social & Culturel (Association for Research and Development of Innovations and Technologies for the Protection of Environmental, Social and Cultural Heritage). The values of ecology and humanism are central to the ARDITEC Association and is reflected in its research, propositions and missions. Through its actions, the ARDITEC Association is committed to promoting sustainable development that includes the protection of the limited resources of our planet, our socio-cultural heritage, for all individuals and organizations worldwide. Fully aware of the risks of irreversibility and the essential need for solidarity, ARDITEC proposes ideas and solutions inspired by virtuous models.

IPC - Technical Center for plastics and composites

Chemicals & Materials
Bellignat Cedex

IPC is the French Technical & Industrial Center for plastics and composite. Our main mission is to support the plastic industries and increase their competitiveness while preparing for the transition towards a circular economy of plastics.

IPC is co-funded by ~2000 plastic industries from France. As a technology center, IPC offers cutting- edge research expertise and innovation capacity and access to industrially relevant prototyping/pilot lines to plastics industries. IPC covers the full cycle: design, materials formulations, characterization, processing, modelling and simulation, control and quality measurement, end of life management spanning over major plastics and composites processes (injection molding, thermoforming, sheets and films processing, additive manufacturing, composite processes, in-moulds electronics). Our main application sectors are packaging, automotive, aeronautics, construction, plastronics and medical.

IPC favors open innovation as the center has a vast experience in participation and coordination of collaborative R&I projects at national and EU levels: the center has been involved in 35 European projects in total since FP7 and 5 as coordinator.

The technology center generates value for the industry through innovation projects and subsequent technology transfer to industry. Main revenue streams are generated through research contracts, technology licensing as well as certification. IPC also has a track record of successful spin-off company development: S2P startup on smart plastic products.

IPC dedicates a significant share of its R&D&I resources and projects (about 50%) to a circular economy program encompassing a broad scope of activities along the entire plastics value chain (eco-design, 3Rs, mechanical recycling, safety & sustainability).

IPC incorporates AFNOR (French standardization organisation) branch for plastics through BNPP (Bureau National Produits Plastiques) and is active in key technical standardisation committees.

Biotrend is a research-based company offering advanced services in the area of industrial and marine biotechnology, specialised in the development, optimisation and scale-up of bioprocesses.

Biotrend operates a state-of-the art development lab and a bioprocessing pilot plant with capacities from 1 ml to 300l fermentation scale and supports its clients in the transition of processes to industrially relevant scales through access to facilities within its network of partners.

We are experienced in working with a wide diversity of biological systems, including bacteria, yeasts, fungi, protists and (heterotrophic) microalgae and are certified to work with genetically modified microorganisms. Further, we have helped clients processing industry-relevant renewable raw-materials, from commercially available refined sugars, to side streams of existing businesses, such as lignocellulosic hydrolysates, side-streams of the pulp-and-paper industry, crude glycerol grades, and residues of the agrofood industry.

Examples of target products include industrial enzymes, microbial biomass for human and animal nutrition, cell extracts for the cosmetic industry, pest control agents for agriculture, bio-based chemical building blocks and bio-based polymers.

Biotrend actively participates in international collaborative research projects, including BBI JU projects, keeping at the forefront of scientific development and enabling to offer its clients the most advanced and efficient bioprocessing solutions.

Biotrend's advanced bioprocessing know-how has been serving clients from small startups to global corporations from ail across the world.

Biotrend operates a state-of-the art development !ab and a bioprocessing pilot plant with capacities from 1 ml to 300l fermentation scale and supports its clients in the transition of processes to industrially relevant scales through access to facilities within its network of partners.


Waste Management & Treatment

Our vision is to deliver and upscale environmentally friendly solutions in areas of waste treatment, bio processes, bio fuels, soil regeneration, reconstruction of unused brownfields and recyclable packaging.

Zdroje Zeme / BIOGRADA - a high-added-value green company established in 2016 in Slovakia. Zdroje Zeme was awarded a Seal of excellence in EIC Accelerator in 2020 and is currently implementing this project funded from national sources.

The BIOGRADA solution offers a complex approach to solving the problems of bio-waste management, fossil fuel dependency and soil degradation. By processing municipal waste, industrial biodegradable waste, and waste from farming and animal production, we provide not only a valuable service to the local community, but generate further value in the form of green energy and soil regenerating substrate EFFECO by ZZ as our main products.

lt is a perfect circular economy solution contributing to sustainable development goals as defined by the UN and the EU Green Deal plan. The underlying idea behind the research and development of the BIOGRADA bio-waste treatment process and biochar substrate is the eco-effective care for soil.

The care that utilizes the never-ending cycle of restoration of natural resources to enhance soil fertility and quality and at the same time, deals with the issue of bio-waste management. In a circular economy, bio-waste is directed to treatment options that use the waste as a source of valuable resources such as nutrients, organic substances and energy.

The BIOGRADA approach meets the most stringent ecological criteria while being economically effective.

Our pilot site in Horny Jatov site (SK, approximately 80 km from Bratislava) has been transformed from a devastated brownfield into an experiment and pilot production plant. lt benefits from the proximity of local resources (50 km diameter) providing biodegradable agriculture, municipal and industrial waste and proximity of biofuel stations. At the same time, it serves the demand for bio-fertilizers by local cereals and vegetable producers. The same pattern will be sought in commercial production sites. The site is designed to process 150 000 tons of waste and produce 20.000 tons of EFFECO by ZZ and 1,2 MWh of energy per year. The same setup will be sought in commercial production sites.

Our solutions are based on an original idea supported by the research and development of the company and its strategie partners. The production process, products and equipment for the treatment of bio-waste and production of the regenerative substrate are protected by four domestic and two international patents in a number of countries. This allows us to develop business with high added value in various regions of the EU and overseas.

Also, the trademark of the solution, product and the company Biograda, as well as the company name of our subsidiary Zdroje Zeme through which we operate the pilot plant in Horny Jatov are subject to protection. We have obtained an ISO 9001:2015 certificate for the process of Research and Development, and are currently in the process of certification and verification of efficiency and sustainability of soil regeneration and reclamation processes by means of the biochar substrate effeco by ZZ. We cooperate with a worldwide renowned company in the process of obtaining an audit for economic and ecological sustainability of processes and products.


See our main product EFFECO - pelletized bio-based soil regenerator (in our company profile banner in the BIC members area)

Biosyntia is a leading industrial biotech company producing active ingredients with world-leading fermentation processes for vitamins and other active ingredients.
Biosyntia is addressing a significant and growing nutraceutical market. Active nutraceutical ingredients are a key component in dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, personal care, food, drinks and animal nutrition, due to their extensive health benefits.
Moreover, Biosyntia’s production process offers an alternative to today’s production processes, which are mainly based in Asia.
This brings value to customers by decentralising their supply chain, providing supply security, quality and traceability.

With its proprietary fermentation technology, Biosyntia can produce active ingredients as a sustainable, natural and high-quality alternative to current production methods.
Specifically, Biosyntia’s technology offers an alternative to chemical-based production, resulting in less chemical waste and air pollution.
Furthermore, Biosyntia offers an alternative production method to plant active materials, which require significantly less land and less organic solvents in the production.
Ultimately, Biosyntia provides consumers with natural and sustainably produced active ingredients that support their health and wellbeing.


Our natural BIO-B7TM is sourced from the rich soil, where beet carbohydrate complexes are converted into biotin by microorganisms in a fermentation process.
Fermentation is a natural process which has significant sustainability advantage over chemical synthesis.
BIO-B7TM 7™ is BIO-B7™ is produced in Europe, fully traceable and with >98% purity. 

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is an essential nutrient and daily intake contributes to the energy-yielding metabolism.
Biotin is further recognized for its benefits for hair and skin and often referred to as the “beauty vitamin“.

Sourced from nature

Biosyntia uses carbohydrate complexes from sugar beets, avoiding crude oil, to reduce the environmental footprint of our production.

BIC is a non-profit organisation set up in Brussels in 2013. BIC represents the private sector in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the European Commission, also known as the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU). This public-private partnership aims to invest € 3.7 billion in bio-based innovation between 2014 and 2020.

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