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Agriculture and Agri-food

The ARDITEC Association aims to promote sustainable development, protect our environmental and cultural heritage, and enhance social responsibility. This is achieved by supporting members and partners to implement programmes that protect the needs of future generations. ARDITEC is short for Association pour la Recherche et le Développement d’Innovations et de Technologies pour la protection de l’héritage Environnemental, social & Culturel (Association for Research and Development of Innovations and Technologies for the Protection of Environmental, Social and Cultural Heritage). The values of ecology and humanism are central to the ARDITEC Association and is reflected in its research, propositions and missions. Through its actions, the ARDITEC Association is committed to promoting sustainable development that includes the protection of the limited resources of our planet, our socio-cultural heritage, for all individuals and organizations worldwide. Fully aware of the risks of irreversibility and the essential need for solidarity, ARDITEC proposes ideas and solutions inspired by virtuous models.

University of Borås

Chemicals & Materials

FEUGA is a private, non-profit Foundation based in Galicia, Spain, with a permanent office in Brussels. With more than 40 years of experience in innovation management, FEUGA has established itself as a flagship organization in the field of knowledge-transfer acting as a catalyst to strengthen ties and foster technology and innovation transfer between universities, industry players and society in general.

FEUGA is an expert in the areas of communication, dissemination, Intellectual Property (IP) and exploitation of R&D results, with a special focus on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and multi-stakeholder approach methodologies (MAA)

Munster Technological University

Agriculture and Agri-food


Agriculture and Agri-food
Alesón, La Rioja,

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Agriculture and Agri-food

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