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The 2012 European Bioeconomy Strategy paved the way for a more innovative, resource-efficient and competitive society that reconciles food security with the sustainable use of renewable resources for industrial purposes, while ensuring environmental protection. A comprehensive review concluded that it has been a success, notably at mobilising research and innovation, boosting private investments, developing new value chains, promoting the uptake of national bioeconomy strategies and involving stakeholders. However, it also found that while the initial five objectives of the Strategy remain valid, their scope needs to be adapted and related actions refocussed in order to better use the potential of the bioeconomy to meet current and future EU priorities. This updated Bioeconomy Strategy proposes actions to scale-up and deploy locally the bioeconomy, capitalising on and going beyond the previous successful R&I investments, in order to create growth and job opportunities at local level, to reinforce the bio-based sector and contribute to the modernisation of EU industry, to protect the environment and enhance ecosystems’ functions and biodiversity.

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