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Appendix to the Individual commitment to BIC

Extract from the BIC Statutes and Internal rules


5. Associate membership


Ad 5.3.1 Legal entities that have an interest in the activities of the BIC but are not companies

active in the field of bio-based industries (hereafter the ‘Associate Members’) can be eligible for Associate Membership.

The associated memberships shall be described in the Internal Rules. The General Assembly is authorized to create (additional) categories of Associated Members, to attach different rights and to determine different membership fees per category of Associated Members.


Categories of Associate Membership are:

  • Category C: Supporting organisations (European industry associations and technology platforms)
  • Category D: Clusters and national/regional associations
  • Category E: Research Organisations (e.g. Universities and Research Institutes)
  • Category F: Other relevant stakeholders


Further details are provided below:

  • Category C (‘European organisations): European trade associations and European

Technology Platforms.

  • Category D (‘Clusters and national/regional associations’): national and regional clusters, and national or regional associations
  • Category E (‘Research organisations’): Organisations, such as RTOs and Universities, who as their predominant activity provide research and development, technology and innovation services to enterprises, governments and other clients.
  • Category F (‘Other’): Other types of organisations (e.g. consultants, NGOs etc) which have been recognized by the General Assembly as contributing to the objectives of BIC.


Ad 5.3.2 Associate Members enjoy the following rights:

  • participating in Working Groups under conditions specified in the Internal Rules;
  • presenting its defense at the General Assembly, if a request for exclusion is submitted for General Assembly decision;
  • resigning from the Association after having notified such decision to the Executive Director by registered letter;


Specific rights by categories of associate members are detailed below:

    • Category C, D, E, F members: participating in the General Assembly, without voting rights, upon specific invitation by BIC Chairperson;
    • Category C, D, E, F members: participating in Working Groups on invitation by the Chair;
    • Category C, D, E, F members: contributing to Programming Taskforces and stakeholders consultations;

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