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Appendix to the Individual commitment to BIC

Extract from the BIC Statutes and Internal rules



Ad 5.2.1           Full Membership is open to industrial and commercial companies, or any other kind of legal entity representing industrial and commercial companies, which are active in the field of bio-based industries (hereafter ‘Industry Members’).


Active in the field of bio-based industries means:

  • In general: active through either research, innovation or demonstration along the value chain and actively involved in building businesses and business cases to contribute to a more competitive, efficient, and sustainable Europe.
  • More specific: Active in the field of the production, logistics, or transformation and/or processing of biomass, including waste/residues (e.g. via biorefineries) with existing and new processes into a spectrum of innovative marketable products and energy and as such actively taking part or building new innovative bio-based value chains.


Ad 5.2.2    Sub-categories of Industry Members (‘Full Membership categories’) are:

  1. Category A (‘Large’) Members
  2. Category B (‘Small’) Members


The allocation of new Industry Members into one of these membership sub-categories will be decided by the General Assembly, on the basis of the Applicant’s request and upon proposal by the Board of Directors.

Industry Members categories are defined as follow:

• Category A members are typically large companies or clusters representing SMEs.

o Large “Brand Owners”: large “brand owners” can become a full member at reduced membership fee (see Ad. 8.2). The application has to be approved on an individual basis by the BIC Board. “Brand owners” have the same rights as other full members, but no access to the Programming Working Group.

• Category B members are typically SMEs, or clusters representing SMEs. The Association follows the EU definition (EU recommendation 2003/361) for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME). The main factors determining whether a company is an SME are: the number of employees shall not exceed 250 and either the turnover or the balance sheet total shall be below € 50 million or € 43 million respectively.

• A cluster is a group of (Small, Medium-sized and Large) companies and other stakeholders.

o Clusters may choose to apply for membership as either Category A or Category B Members, according to their size, and in accordance with article 5.2.2 of the Statutes.

o Clusters can apply for Industry Membership if they represent at least two of their SME members, with a (written) mandate from their participating companies and commitments for investment into PPP projects by those companies.

o Individual participants of/in clusters can become direct Industry Members.

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